ENERGY Automate, Monitor, and Control your energy costs by adjusting home heating, cooling and hot water production based on occupancy, while improving your comfort and safety. Many energy providers offer savings incentives to homeowners who utilize automated power reductions during peak hours. Automatically notify repair services while you are away for extended periods of time should a system require service.

SIMPLE CONTROL - FOR YOUR ENTIRE HOME enhancements through automation, reduced energy costs with control of power consumption, and increased safety through security, messaging and video monitoring. The Savoy SystemOne package, when connected to the Radionics 9000 Series Control, offers a family of integrated products and services that increase your home’s resale value. SystemOne will grow with you and your family as future technologies emerge, connecting home systems with the Internet.

SAVOY AUTOMATION'S SYSTEMONE TECHNOLOGY Installing SystemOne, provided by Savoy Automation, Inc. and offered through your security professional, enables automation features such as: Email, Paging, Internet Access, Digital Audio, Video, a Message Center and Telephone Control. The key benefits for residential customers are lifestyle

SAVOY'S SYSTEMONE AND RADIONICS CAN POWER YOUR HOME Your Savoy Automation SystemOne controller, when connected to a Radionics 9000 Series security control, allows you to easily automate, monitor and control your home. Savoy's SystemOne delivers scenes that adjust lighting, heating and cooling as well as messaging and other systems according to your needs. You can change these scenes or adjust schedules right from your personal PC or television using an IR mouse, or TouchScreen control.

LIGHTING Automatically control architectural lighting scenes, which use many lighting levels. Imagine arriving home to a warm, inviting, securely lighted home after dusk. With Savoy Automation's SystemOne, you may never come home to a dark house again! "Sunset Lighting" and a "Lived-in-Look" are a few of the lighting scenes available.

SECURITY Easy to use graphics in the SystemOne viewer enable the operation of your security system with the "Touch of a Button." In addition to the simple to use, plain English display provided by the 9000 Series Command Center, you will have the added convenience of controlling your home systems from your choice of PC monitor, TouchScreen or television display. ®