Voyager RK8T2

Voyager RK8T2

Single speaker stereo outdoor rock speaker with 8" woofer. The Voyager Rock Speakers are “voiced” for outdoor performance. Their sound is contoured to provide the best performance in open air environments. They blend perfectly with the other Voyager series models. Your choice of 3 rock formation styles - New England Granite, Sandstone, or River Rock

* 8” Dual Voice-coil Woofer

* Dual 1” Soft Dome Tweeters

* Drivers are angled upwards 20 degrees to deliver great sound when they are placed at ground level.

* Weatherproof with rustproof hardware and grilles. (IEC 60529, IPX4. IPX5)

* Enclosures, grilles and drivers stand up to weather and temperature extremes and are UV protected.

* Integrated six foot underground-rated connection cable is included.

* Internal mounting posts for an optional 70/100 volt transformer for use in commercial applications or home audio systems where many speakers are used or where speaker wires must be run over long distances.